Tips To Prepare For Earthmoving in Dubbo

Tips To Prepare For Earthmoving in Dubbo

So, you have a project that requires a significant amount of earthmoving in Dubbo. The next step is to hire a heavy equipment company to clear your site and then start building.


You will need to landscape, dig out the soil to lay foundations and channels for sewage systems, gas piping or electrical cables. All of which sounds quite easy and straight forward.


There are some further things to take into consideration before going out and hiring an earthmoving company. The conditions of the land on which your site rests is one. You don’t want any surprise or delays at the very start of your project. Delays may be costly its best to be prepared.


So, to help you get right the first time, we at Boland Contracting have put together a few tips to prepare for earthmoving.

  • As mentioned the condition of your site could be a factor in whether or not you get off to a good start. Before you start this can be inspected by earth scanning equipment. What you see on the surface isn’t always what you will find underneath. On sites there could be underground pipes, or streams, or even concentrations of rock.

  • If the site has previously been built on, the old structures may need to be demolished. There may be the remains still buried on the site. Before you start earthmoving check for any hidden debris from previous structures. 

  • Another thing to prepare for is the possibility of harmful contaminants within the ground. Potentially harmful chemicals may have seeped into the ground because of the site’s previous use. Have the site tested for these before proceeding with your earthmoving.

  • Clearly mark out the ground as to where you need the diggers to work, so there no mistakes concerning pipes etc. Clearly made plans should be made and explained to the contractor and operators. 

Be Prepared

These few tips should help you plan for successful earthmoving in Dubbo, that and the right earthmoving contractors.



We at Boland Contacting pride ourselves on our attention to detail and of working closely with our clients. If you are in need of an earthmoving solution, look no further. You can contact us through our message page or simply call for more information about our services.