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We are your trusted earthmoving and affordable demolition services in Dubbo, Wellington and surrounding areas, that you can rely on to get the job done right.  

Our team of skilled operators are known for providing residential and commercial clients with a wide range of heavy-duty services.


These include affordable Demolition and trusted Earthmoving, Tree Lopping and Maintenance, slashing, Weed Management, Site Clean ups and Waste Removal.


We travel to homes, businesses and agricultural premises throughout the region, from Dubbo, Orange, and Mudgee, to Cowra, Narromine, Gilgandra and Condobolin.

Need help preparing land for a new development? Boland Contracting has got you covered. From dam cleaning to road construction, we can assist!

We make yard and site clean ups easy. Click here to learn more about our great variety of skip bins, suitable for residential and commercial projects.

Whether your tree requires regular pruning, or needs to be completely removed, our experienced arborists can help. Call us now 0427 452 453 for a quick quote.

Let Boland Contracting take care of all your outdoor maintenance for a price you can afford. Mowing, slashing, weed management and fire prevention are just a handful of services we provide.

Windrowing, mowing and harvesting your crops is easy when you choose our team. We are fully equipped with a modern self-propelled machine, which helps us complete all-sized jobs with ease.

Trusted earthmoving, Affordable Demolition, slashing & waste removal services

Boland Contracting FAQ

Q. How Much Will the Project Cost? ​

A. All of our services are tailored to our customer’s needs, so we do not have set pricing for our work. Instead, we factor in the following:


Location – When dealing with soil, debris and other waste, we need to take it to a waste facility. The distance from the site to the waste facility may well impact pricing.


Ease of access – If the site is located in a busy or hard-to-reach location, we may need to use special equipment to access it. This may well affect the overall price of our services.


Project size – For larger jobs, we will require more manpower and machinery, which in turn will be factored in. 


Salvage and scrap – If there is any scrap that has value, we may be able to lower the overall cost of our services by selling it.

Q. Do you need a permit to start work on a demolition?

A. All of our demolition work requires building approval before we can get started.


Your local authority has a lot of say in what structures can be demolished, so we need to ascertain whether or not we are permitted to perform our services.


Once we have a valid permit, we will get started right away.

Q. Do you have to disconnect my services prior to demolition?

A. Yes, all services will need to be disconnected and the property must also be vacant before we can start demolition.  This includes disconnecting your power, water, sewage and gas lines.   

Thankfully, we can assist with this stage by contacting the relevant service providers for you.


This should streamline the project and save you some money in the process.


Power – For safety, your energy supplier will need to come out and disconnect your power lines. This process can sometimes take up to 20 days, so we will work to tackle that first.


Water – This is a simple case of having your water provider disconnect their services from your property. We can install a temporary tap so that you will still be able to collect water.


Sewage – This is a process that involves a professional plumber disconnecting your sewage pipe. The ground will need to be excavated in order to find the sewage line,

with the process sometimes taking around a week.


Gas – To disconnect gas from the property, you will need to speak with your service provider. They will come out and disconnect your gas for you, this process may take a week or two.