Contractors vs. Extra Employees
A farming contractor working on a property in Wellington

Contractors vs. Extra Employees

Farming labour has become an exceedingly difficult question for many communities in Australia, with a shortage of overseas workers and problems engaging reliable extra employees from amongst the locals.

If you want to make sure that you get a good service team for your farm, then you need to speak to specialist contractors in Wellington like Boland Contracting.

What is a contractor?

A farm contractor is completely different to an extra employee in a variety of ways.

Firstly, contractors are hired out from other organisations, typically specialist contracting teams, and employees engaged the services from that business.

While an employee can be tasked with any role on your farm, contractors tend to be hired to perform particular tasks.

Job matching

One of the reasons why so many farm owners choose to hire contracted staff from specialist businesses like Boland Contracting is that they can provide job matching services.

This means that you have a particular task in mind that you need that team to perform, and our business helps to match you with our staff that can help you.

A lack of regulation

One of the biggest problems with bringing in extra labour that you employ is that the employment sector is still largely unregulated.

Although there have been some moves to bring in a licensing system, it is still likely that employees can be erratic and dysfunctional as well as unskilled.

Working with specialist contractors

When you reach out to a firm like Boland Contracting, we can reach out to our skilled labourers and make sure that they are able to perform the task that you require.

Our highly regarded business also means that you can be sure that we are keeping our staff safe and well trained.

Fully equipped

One of the biggest benefits to hiring our teams is that we provide high quality equipment for services such as hay mowing, land maintenance harvesting and windrowing.

We can also provide you with weed management services and even fire prevention to ensure that harvested crops are safe.

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