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When To Cut Down a Tree

Trees can make any property look beautiful. However, as sad as it can be, sometimes it is necessary for them to be cut down.


Here at Boland Contracting we have up together some reasons why it might be time to call one of our arborists to discuss tree removal.

The Tree has Signs of an Illness

Although it may be tricky to tell, sick trees can cause numerous issues on your property.

Not only can they spread disease to other trees and plants, but if the disease damages the tree, it can wreak havoc and cause serious damage. Here are some of the signs that your tree might be sick:


• If there are excessive leaves dropping.
There are holes in the trunk, and it looks like it’s rotting.
Leaves are discoloured.
• Branches are weak or falling.


If you notice any of these signs, contact 0427 452 453 one of our arborists today to discuss your options.

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The Tree has Invasive Roots

Trees have both vertical and horizontal roots, and horizontal roots can cause significant damage over time.


This includes damaging the foundations of your home, which could cost you thousands of dollars if not taken care of properly.


These horizontal roots are also dangerous for passersby as they can damage pathways and sidewalks, causing people to trip or fall.


They are Limiting the Space on Your Property

Space is often scarce on properties that only have small gardens or yards. Large trees can cause areas to appear dark and dreary.


Alternatively, trees may have to come down if you are thinking about adding a shed to your garden or expanding your property.


If this is the case, contact us today to discuss your tree removal needs.

Specialist Tree Removal Services

We know how important trees are to the environment, which is why we take our job very seriously. Sometimes, trees have to come down, but tree removal can become incredibly dangerous if it is not done properly.


Our team at Boland Contracting are experts in the field of tree removal and can make sure that the tree is removed safely.


Moreover, we are also experienced in other forms of tree maintenance, such as pruning, stump grinding and chipping.


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Specialist Commercial Tree Removal

If you have a property development that requires tree removal services, our team provides speedy and effective tree clearing services for any size of job.

Don’t let your property’s trees grow out of control—call 0427 452 453  Boland Contracting.

Our outdoor maintenance team is experienced in all areas of tree management including pruning, chipping, stump grinding and lopping services.


Is your tree showing signs of structural weakness? Call our arborists to provide you with quick advice regarding the best course of treatment for your tree.


From pruning services, which help to eliminate  hazardous branches and reduce wind resistance, right through to removing it completely, we are here to help.


Fast Tree Clearing Service

Boland Contracting also provides fast tree clearing services that are kind on your land and pocket.


This service is especially popular with customers who require land preparation services before starting on a new development, swimming pool installation or landscape renovation.


Call 0427 452 453  Boland to learn more about our Wellington to Dubbo tree management services, or to book an affordable service.