Best Practices For Earthmoving In Dubbo

Best Practices For Earthmoving In Dubbo

It is important to always consider best practices for earthmoving in Dubbo and anywhere where construction or excavation is about to take place. If you’re a construction professional, you will be aware that earthmoving can be a huge and complex task. But with the right knowledge, equipment, and best practices in mind, it can be a much more straightforward process. Whether you are digging a new pool at home or clearing a site for residential development, these best practices for earthmoving in Dubbo should give you some guidance.




Thorough marking

When you first go to a site that needs excavating, it is crucial that all areas which might be dug are clearly marked. There are a number of methods to do this including white paint, stakes and flags; choose what works best for your site. Make sure that everyone on site knows and understands the markings too.




Complete any necessary research

This is one of the most important factors when carrying out an earthmoving project, and it needs to be done before ground is broken. In order to embark on any earthmoving activities, you need to know what infrastructure might be underneath. You can request this information from local authorities or you can get a professional to perform a survey. It is important to be aware of any underground pipes or cables that may cause an issue during excavation.




Have the correct permits


You also need to have the correct permission to dig at the site, usually from the landowner and local authorities. This should be done way before earthmoving commences but it is always a necessary practice. Make sure you have all the n information to prove the site is safe as well as any permits or permissions before going ahead with earthmoving. If you are excavating for a large project, the developer may already have permits, but you should make sure that you are aware of anything that might impact the earthmoving process.




Hand-dug test holes

It is important to dig trial pits before the general earthmoving takes place, especially before any construction. These are used to investigate the geology of the site, any possible contaminants and to find out what the water table is like. They can also be used to locate utility services and go can be from 0.75m to 1.5m deep. These test holes are usually carried out with hand tools or a backhoe excavator.



Maintain Your Equipment

It is essential that valuable earthmoving equipment is properly maintained and looked after. Make sure you keep up with regular maintenance activities like lubricating machinery, fuel checks, and engine inspections. If there are any issues with your equipment it can significantly delay progress on the site which will cost more in the long run. Keep an eye out for any wear and tear and get issues fixed by professionals as often as possible.



Always put safety first

One of the best practices for earthmoving in Dubbo is always putting the safety of you and your team first. Make sure everyone is up to date on health and safety training, that all equipment is serviced and safe and that everyone is wearing correct protective clothing for the task at hand.


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